Thursday, December 9, 2010

How to Host a Holiday Exchange Party Part 2

So - here we are with part two of our how-to for holiday parties. Let me first address some simple points that are your responsibility as host:
  • If your exchange involves cookies, candy or other food items to be shared, be sure your guests know how much to bring. The invitation is a good place to let them know.
  • Let your guests know to bring their recipes. Again, the invitation is a good place to let them know.
  • If you plan on serving alcoholic beverages, serve responsibly. You want everyone to get home safely.
  • You were clear on your invitation about when guests should arrive so be ready when they get there.
  • Have a place specified for the exchange gifts.
Now on to the fun pretty stuff...Provide your guests with a cute bag or containers to get all of their goodies home. We always seem to leave with more in our hands than when we arrived, don't we? Here is an example of a bag that would be great. (from our Holiday Exchange Party Pack)

Whether your party is about exchanging food or you are just offering some food for snacks or a meal, think outside the box on your serving presentation. There are really easy things you can do that will take the presentation of your food and beverages to a new level. The food doesn't have to be fancy. Think about popcorn or snack mix in cute paper cones like this one from Make It Do.

Check out this presentation from Style Me Pretty. How about something unexpected for beverages, like this large jar for pink lemonade? And check how just putting cake at different levels on something as simple as a log makes it so interesting. I know this is from a wedding and we are talking about a smaller scale holiday exchange but the concept is the same!

Just by serving your food in unusual vessels, you can make your party beautiful. Look at this presentation that uses vintage-appeal, also featured on Style Me Pretty. This would work perfectly for an ornament exchange - those paper ornaments look similar to the ones in our Holiday Exchange Party Pack. And how great would your favors be in an old suitcase like this?

No matter the theme or the size of your party, the most important thing is to have fun. We sure did! Happy Holidays and Party On!



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