Monday, January 31, 2011

Hosting a Soup Swap – Monday Munchies

I love to host a Soup Swap during the winter months. There is simply nothing like getting together with friends to share great soup recipes to warm the soul. Not to mention, you get to go home stocked full of soups to throw in the freezer for quick and easy comfort dinners. The more friends you invite to the swap, the more soup you'll have. Here are my tips for hosting a great soup swap:
1. Get your invitations out about two to three weeks ahead of time. This gives your friends plenty of time to clear their schedule and decide on a recipe.
2. Purchase one of our Soup Swap party packs from our Etsy Store when we launch them NEXT WEEK. The pack offers everything you need to make the "crafty" part of hosting easy. This will allow you to focus on making/tasting soup and enjoying good company! (Check the box for shamelessly promoting our product.)
3. Let soup be the feature of the party. Don't feel like you have to make a table full of appetizers. They will serve only to fill everyone up before the soup. Simple breads to cleanse between between tastings should be good enough.
4. Encourage your guests to think out of the box with unique soup recipes. Maybe even offer a prize (handmade, of course) for the most unique soup offering. Here are some ideas:

1. Potato Broccoli Soup from MADE
2. Asian Gingered Chicken Soup from Country Home
3. Roasted Eggplant Soup from Country Home
4. Minestra Maritata from Martha Stewart

Set the table for each guest to have a healthy taste of each soup. An entire bowl will be too much. Plus, the presentation of just a "taste" is so much more fun! Don't go out and buy tiny tasting bowls (although I usually use occasions such as this as an excuse to do just that) - use whatever you have...

Like coffee mugs or espresso cups (Ok - so these might be soup bowls, but you see where I'm going with this).  Or shot glasses.

(2nd image is Pea and Mint Soup from Souvlaki for the Soul)

There are so many ways to add unique and fun touches to a Soup Swap. Stay tuned on Wednesday when I'll feature part II of Hosting a Soup Swap. You won't want to miss more ideas for planning, presentation, and favors. Till then...


Knox Gardner said...

Soup Swaps are certainly easy and fun to do! While we just wrapped up the 5th National Soup Swap, we're certainly excited for the Sixth happening on January 21, 2012. Mark your calendar!

Knox Gardner said...

Of course, you can keep up on all the news at

G and H said...

Knox - We will definitely be participating next year - how fun!!

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