Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hosting a Soup Swap - Part II

Want to host a Soup Swap? Monday I discussed the basics...invitations, soup recipes, and a bit about presentation. Today I want to share some ideas that I have to take a Soup Swap up a few notches.

I search all kinds of blogs and other media for party inspiration and I love wedding blogs to inspire me with "out of the box" ideas for entertaining. Take this idea for recipe cards. Ask your guests to send you their soup recipe ahead of time so you can print them. Put an old board at each tasting area and tack enough recipes sheets for each guest...a "help yourself" kind of thing. Similar to this from Style Me Pretty.

Ask your guests to bring the soup they will swap pre-packaged in freezer-safe containers for the appropriate number of guests. Ask them to also bring one extra container full for tasting. Encourage them to get creative with their packaging. Makes it feel like taking home a bunch of presents! Here are some packaging ideas I love:

Freezer-safe Ball Jars with coordinating fabric and ribbon from Make it Do

(ok - so this one is full of dry ingredients, but apply it to soup!)

Another look for freezer-safe Ball jars - also from Style Me Pretty. Love the bi-colored twine and vintagey fabric.

Empty paint cans - new ones, of course, and use beautiful scrapbook paper to wrap them like these from C.R.A.F.T.

For those of us who are sticking to a smaller budget, why not just ask your guests to bring their soup in a big pot and you can pass out containers like these from Garnish. I love the idea of the inexpensive condiment cups for tastings, too! And check out the cheap name tags as labels.

And why not spice things up by making a bit of a contest out your Soup Swap? You can judge based on most popular, best presentation or even best take home containers. For your prize, consider a homemade Etsy purchase.

Let us not forget about favors for our guests to take home with their soup goodies. If you like to sew, use up that extra fabric you have collecting dust (oh - is that just me?) by making some market totes. I like this simple tutorial from Sew Mama Sew. Or consider making simple aprons for each of your guests. Check out this adorable Ruffled Apron tutorial from One More Moore.

If all the planning (and sewing) ain't your thing, then just stay tuned for our Soup Swap Party Pack that will launch next week in our Etsy Store. It will have all the homemade crafty goodness you need to whip up a Soup Swap lickety split!

Happy Planning!!!


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