Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Tale of Two Wreaths

We each have a beautiful, handcrafted wreath on our door for Valentine’s Day.  We are firm believers that wreaths aren't just for Christmas anymore.  The best part?  We made them for each other! 

The wreath on the left is the rag wreath I made for G for Christmas.  Due to my overwhelming to do list over the holiday season, she didn't get it until mid-January, but I'm happy to say the colors still worked well for Valentine's Day!  It was a super easy craft project.  I used a straw wreath form (keep the plastic on to make your life easier).  Then using a ton of strips of fabric, tie them in knots all around your wreath form.  Keep them snug together!  Make sure to stagger the knots a little so you don't have gaps in fabric (knot a little higher or lower than the last). I freehand cut my strips for a little irregular look - they are about 1"x18".  Since I used fat quarters, I simply cut the folded fabric into strips.  It took about 5 fat quarters total (although since I used more patterns than that, it was actually a little more than half of about 8 fat quarters).

G made me this gorgeous pom wreath on the right for my January birthday.  LOVE LOVE LOVE her color choices!  She used the pom tool mentioned in her Valentine's tree post.  She used a wire wreath form and tied each pom to the frame, scattering the colors to make a random pattern.

Both of these wreath styles can be customized to suit your tastes!  You can use all one solid color for either for an elegant and simple look.  And each can be made in seasonally appropriate colors to have one for every time of year!  I'm envisioning a green one for St. Patty's, a cute pastel wreath for spring/easter, and one full of bright colors for summer!

Have you ever made a crafty wreath?  Please share!!

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Shelly said...

I love both of the wreaths but especially the pom pom one. They are absolutely beautiful. Great job.

Anonymous said...

The pom wreath is absolutely AMAZING!!! Love it:)

Wendy Walker Cushing said...

Very cute!

Gretchen said...

Thanks so much for the kind comments. We are both looking for any excuse to make another pom-pom wreath. Stay never know what pom-pom craziness we might come up with next. : )

Candice said...

so very cute! I have one of those pom pom makers. I need to give it a shot.

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