Thursday, March 10, 2011

Irish Cupcakes

I thought today we should feature some non-traditional St. Patty’s Day cupcakes.  You will find no shamrocks or green here!  These cupcakes are full of what the wonderful holiday is truly all about.

The liquor.

OK, I know that isn’t what the holiday is all about.  That’s like saying Christmas is all about the presents.  But what would St. Patty’s Day be without a few Irish alcoholic beverages?  As a result, these cupcakes are ADULTS ONLY.

1. These Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes from Fabulous Foods sound like a good way to celebrate St. Patty’s.  I imagine Guinness is a perfect complement to chocolate cupcakes!

2. Martha’s Irish Coffee cupcakes sound nonthreatening enough.  Until you realize they are frosted with whiskey.  But if there were ever a cupcake to have for breakfast, this espresso based cake has to be the one – YUM!

3. And finally, what ridiculous drinking holiday would be complete without the Irish Car Bomb?  Of course the cupcakes don’t curdle no matter how long it takes you to eat them.  But this recipe for Irish Car Bomb cupcakes from Smitten Kitchen are full of Guinness, Baileys and Irish Whiskey.  Definitely NOT for the kiddos.  But I’ll take two, thanks!

So do you think you can make cupcakes a part of your St. Patty’s festivities?  Let me know if you sneak these babies into the office to start the holiday off right!


Shanna said...

I have nominated you for the Versastile Blogger Award, check out the details

Erin A said...

I made some ridiculously delish Double Chocolate Stout Cupcakes with Irish Cream buttercream last night using Young's Double Chocolate Stout beer. So good. Posted them to my blog, check them out!

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