Friday, May 13, 2011

Decorating with Monograms: Bridal Showers

Decorating with monograms is a lovely way to accent a bridal shower.  You can use the couple’s new initial or the first initials of the bride and grooms first names. Either way it adds a beautiful personal touch to the event – and is a great gift to send home with the bride to be! These monogram projects can be customized to match any party décor. Like a bridal shower thrown with one of our floral packs perhaps?  Just sayin’.

Today’s roundup of crafty projects AND etsy finds are all about letters and monograms. And we have a ton to share today! Check it out after the jump!!

To welcome your guests, try one of these on your front door.
1. Monogram wreath by Kristy on A Subtle Revelry.
Moss Letter by Be Sweet on Blue Cricket.
Door Monograms at Martha Stewart Weddings.

Framed monograms would make for a lovely accent to your mantel or table. 
4. Fabric framed monogram from Somewhat Simple.
5. Frame a photo of the couple in this
Monogram Frame from A Little Tipsy (by the way – Project cost was $1.50!!).
Element Monogram by Jen Jockish via the American Crafts blog. (Use up that button stash!)

Set these crafty letters anywhere you need an extra touch.imageimageimage
7. Map Monogram with Francine Clouden (imagine the possibilities – use old maps from areas special to the couple, or scrapbook paper that matches your party décor!)
Recycled Wine Cork Letters from Green is Universal
Book Page Monogram by Little Things Bring Smiles.

Hang this monogram and take photos of the bride and her guests with it or place it where she will be seated and photographed. Hang the letters from the frame instead of the wall - then you can even prop it somewhere instead of putting it on the wall!
10. Yarn covered letters with Let Birds Fly.

Make sure to also check out this idea for covering a letter from one of my favorite bloggers – Ashley Ann from Under the Sycamore! Whichever of these items you decide to make for the bridal shower, you’ll have a ready made gift to hand over to the bride at the end. We love multi-functional projects!

If you don’t have time to do these projects on your own, or just aren’t crafty, check out these etsy finds! imageimageimageimage
1. Choose your silk/button colors and letter with this beautiful ready to frame button monogram from Letter Perfect Designs! They also sell beautiful button monogram throw pillows!
2. Love this
Moss Covered Letter from Choosing You. They have various sizes available in every letter!
3. Any letter is available in this
Vintage Wine Cork Letter from Creative Corks N More!
4. Finally, this
sheet music covered letter from Little White Dog is gorgeous!  She makes all sorts of paper covered letters, including map and book page ones. They are covered on all sides so make a perfect centerpiece accent. And Suzie is great to work with – I purchased a map covered letter and book page letter from her last fall and adore them!

Hope you enjoyed this roundup of beautiful monograms you can buy or make! Remember, you can use any version of the couple’s initials – and don’t forget to give them to the bride-to-be after the festivities!

But these beautiful monograms aren’t limited only to bridal showers. I have a bit of an obsession with our last initial in my home decorating myself. And any of these projects would make a perfect addition to a baby shower using the baby’s first initial like Ashley Ann used here.  Or use numbers instead of letters to celebrate a milestone birthday!  This is one party decorating idea that can be used for just about any festivity.

We’d love to hear what you think! Have a fantastic weekend!


Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

Fabulous roundup you put together--am always floored by all the creativity out there! And your suggestion of using these as inspiration for bridal shower gifts is spot on!

Francine said...

Thanks so much for featuring my tutorial. Some other great ideas here too!

Christine @ Pure Joy Events said...

Loving the button monogram!

Creative Corks N' More said...

Thank you so much for including our Wine Cork Letter.

Michelle said...

Thanks for including my monogram frame! What a great collection!

Katie said...

Thank you so much for featuring my book page letters :) I am just in love with your other finds--overall, great great post filled with so much inspiration!

Katie@Little Things Bring Smiles

Syrah said...

Thanks for including our recycled wine cork letter! I absolutely love the collection of other monogram items! If anyone would like to buy one I sell them here:
They are fun to make though ;)

ParkerNicole said...

Thanks for lovely collection. Monograms always add such lovely touches. I love monograms too and think it can add so much whimsy to a room.
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Toronto Painters said...

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Home Remedies said...

Mind Blowing!! really very interesting decoration.

obama said...

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Curtains said...

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Heather said...

I love the creativity and how these people are gifted with art and idea.

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