Friday, June 17, 2011

Backyard BBQ: Serving Beverages

Beverages are often an afterthought in the backyard BBQs we have. We often end up setting out a cooler stocked with beer, soda and water. But I love the idea of serving a nice lemonade or other specialty drink at our next BBQ. Which means I’ve got to figure out a cute way to display it.  Why bother making pretty lemonade if you aren’t going to enjoy it’s prettiness, right??

I’ve been so inspired by the ideas I’ve been finding that I had to share today!

1. Fill jars with premixed cocktails, lid and stash in a beverage container of ice like these found at Yummy Wedding Food.

2. Recycle old pretty wine bottles and set on tables
like these from Young House Love (love them!!)

3. Set out fun glass vessels adorned with punched leaves and cute straws like these from Martha.

4. Use some pinking shears on fabric scraps then wrap jars
like these from HWTM.

5. Make mason jars kid friendly cups by added brightly colored lids.  Find out how at A Bit of Sunshine.

6. Add mini chalk labels to regular jars for guests to label their drink (use chalkboard paint and regular jars) like these found at Style Me Pretty.

5. Set up a vintage drink cart like this cute lemonade cart from Three Pixie Lane.

6. Borrow the kid’s lemonade stand (particularly if it is as seriously beautiful as this one from Snowy Bliss!!!) and use it to set out multiple lemonade flavors in pretty dispensers!

7. Hollow a watermelon and use it as a punch bowl like this one from Martha.

8. Or cut a hole in the side and push in a keg shank like
this one found at hither & thither.

(P.S. Check out our Watermelon Monday Munchies post to find out what to do with the leftover watermelon!!)

Of course cute dispensers like these beauties would be perfect for your bash!

Product Image Steel Beverage Dispenser with Stand - Yellow (2.5 gal)imageimage
1. Steel Beverage Dispenser with Stand from
2. Refreshing Lemonade Urn from Anthropologie
3. Trio Beverage Dispenser from Z Gallerie Finally, Martha has a couple great tips for serving beverages at your outdoor party!
1. Use pretty cupcake liners/baking cups to provide a bug-free cover to your drinks.

2. If you forgot to ice the beverages,
use her tips here to get them cold last minute!

We hope you are inspired to add a little flair to serving the beverages at your next backyard BBQ. If you need ideas on what to serve, make sure to check out our Lemonades post from last week for some great ideas!
Happy Friday!  Are you entertaining this weekend?


I'm Rachel. said...

Love, love your site! It makes me want to party!!

Found you via Maybe Matilda, following via BlogLovin', pinning you on Pinterest.

Cupcake Carrie said...

so many fun ideas!

LimeRiot said...

Such awesome ideas! I love anything served in a mason jar.

Anonymous said...

Mason Jars! Love! <3

Creative Party Themes said...

Great ideas! I especially love the watermelon with a tap! You could also use a wheelbarrow, an inflatable pool, or a galvanized tub as a cooler. Thanks for sharing!

Attiqa Shad said...

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