Friday, September 16, 2011

String Lights

I know, I know – it’s only September and I’m crazy to bring up Christmas lights! But the reality is that these simple strings of lights that we often think of only around Christmas time are perfect decorations for any festivity. Here are some great ideas we found for customizing them with some simple additions to make them worthy of any party!
1. Use mini dixie cups and patterned paper to make these cute shades. Find the info at Good Housekeeping.
2. Use cute cupcake liners (these are from Ikea – found some cute ones there myself just a few weeks ago!) like this brilliant idea from Family Chic!
3. Use colored paper bags to make this beautiful banner from Martha.
4. Use egg containers and some paint to make beautiful floral lights like these gorgeous ones from Norske Interior. The blog isn’t in English (found via Pinterest!) but the concept looks like it could be easily adapted!
5. Make a gorgeous ribbon or fabric scrap garland like this one from Whitney Caroline Designs!
6. Using vellum, make these delicate floral fairy lights with instructions from The Bride’s Diary.


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