Thursday, November 10, 2011

Autumn Vases

Don’t you love reading the background story about crafts? I love to read what inspires someone to create something - to understand how everyday things or other projects are jumping boards for making something beautiful. Don’t love the background story? Skip down two paragraphs. :)
Autumn Vases copy
This project was born out of two things - having too many vases from floral deliveries (I know, woe is me) and too many pinecones collected by my 3 year old. Somehow those two things culminated in a simple craft that makes a lovely piece of fall décor - or even an easy Thanksgiving centerpiece!

I’m one lucky girl in that my hubby sends flowers to me at the office on a regular basis. Definitely one of the many bonuses of being married to him. I noticed the last two bouquets were sent in matching glass vases, so I decided to take advantage of this strange occurrence and make a lovely piece of fall décor to display the treasures my three year old likes to collect on our walks through our neighborhood.
This really couldn’t be more simple. If you are lucky like me you’ll already have all the supplies on hand!
Glass vase(s)
Felt in 2 fall colors
Yarn in 1-2 contrasting fall colors

Measure the circumference of your vase by wrapping the yarn around it and measuring the yarn with a ruler (or use a fabric measuring tape if you have one). Cut one color of felt in a rectangle that is as long as the circumference and about 5 inches wide, or whatever you’d like for you back layer. Cut the other piece of felt as long, but not as wide - mine is about 2 inches. OK, confession time. I didn’t measure. I pretty much eyeballed it. I’m lazy that way. :)
Using some tape (I said it was a simple craft) secure the back layer of felt around the vase. Place the second layer over it (which magically covers the tape). I didn’t tape this one as I didn’t want the tape to show. Lucky for me, felt sticks to felt pretty well!
Cut some yarn 2-3 times longer than the circumference of the vases and wrap around the top layer of felt, securing the top layer of felt. If you’d like, you can add a charm or tie the bow in front. I liked it the clean look!
I filled mine with pinecones, but these would be great full of flowers, branches, willows, etc. I’m thinking of updating it in December with festive colored felt and some red/white bakers twine!
We are traveling for Thanksgiving, so these will be enjoyed on my sofa table for now. But I think they’d be a charming and easy display for your Thanksgiving table. 

Tell me, what is your go-to centerpiece for Thanksgiving? I’ll be sharing some of my favorite ideas around the web next week!
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Karen said...

They look fabulous! I love the fall colors you used! Can't wait to see the Christmas ones! Would love you to link up to my new Friday Frolic link party!! It's new and needs some love:)

Attiqa Shad said...

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