Saturday, October 30, 2010

Classroom Halloween Party Update

Well - it is done.  Kindergarten Halloween classroom party accomplished!  I could never have pulled it off without the help of other moms and dads.  I think the kiddos had a great time.  Here's how it went down...

We kicked off the party by having each child choose a favor box.

I had a great time making these boxes with my Sizzix.  What a handy little tool!  And since I do NOT have the paper crafting skills that Heather is blessed with, I must rely on gadgets like this to do the work for me.  Once everyone had chosen a box, I asked them to open them to find out what gummi body party was in their pack.  This is how we split the kids into groups for the four Halloween stations.  All eyeballs were one group; fingers another group; ears another; and brains another.  The kids got a pretty big kick out of that.

From there we sent each group to a station and used the teacher's bell to signal when it was time to rotate.  There was a tattoo station - which required about four moms to fulfill the design requests in the short amount of time each group had.  We had a bean bag toss station.  Get a bean bag in the bowl - win a prize.  The dads (yes, we had three dads - including my wonderful husband - show up to help) had a great time supervising this station.  And you know that I couldn't resist making bean bags out of leftover fabric from our Halloween party pack.  

A craft station offered the kids a chance to do some art work by decorating their bags - which we also handed out at the beginning of the party.  Last, was the candy pumpkin guessing game.  Now, I had all the best of intentions for this station to look every bit as cute as the original picture I posted when I mentioned the idea in my first Halloween classroom party post.  However, I discovered that the execution would be quite flawed with a classroom full of kindergarteners.  Consider the following:
  • Glass bowl = shattered dangerous mess on the floor.
  • Open bowl = dirty little hands rifling through exposed candy.  yuk.
  • Small candy corn = a number in the bowl that 5 year olds are not able to conceptualize yet.
So...I opted for candy pumpkins in a plastic container with a lid. 

Not quite the "cute" appeal of the BHG picture, but the kids still loved it!  After we rotated through all the stations, a wonderful (theater-major) mom read the kids a Halloween story then we wrapped it up with goodies.  Among the treats were these super fun ghost lollipops that my son and I made together the night before.  It was a great opportunity for him to contribute to the day.

Good times!


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