Monday, November 1, 2010

Leftover Halloween Candy - Monday Munchies

I don't know about you, but every year after Halloween I end up with a huge bag of candy that sits for about eight months before I finally pitch it.  Oh - don't get me wrong, we love sweets.  But we are discerning in our sugar consumption.  My son and husband go for the sugar candy like sweet tarts and gummi bears; however, they typically lose interest after a few days.  They probably fall more into the salt lover category than sweet.  Me?  I am all about the chocolate!  But even with that, I much prefer cookies, cake or brownies to candy bars. 

So what to do with the leftovers?  This year, they will be put to good use for the upcoming holidays.  Afterall, I have Thanksgiving meals (yes, plural), cookie exchanges (yes, plural) and Christmas feasts (yes, plural) to think about in the coming months.  Waste no more!  I found some great recipes to use up the extras...

1. How about some Better Than Sex Cake?  Be sure to read through the recipe because the picture leaves a bit to be desired.  The reviews are fantastic, though.  And even if they weren't...wouldn't you have to make it just for the name?  I'm just sayin'...
2. Peppermint Patti Brownies from I even need to say anything else? 
3. They also have a recipe for
Dulche de Leche and Snickers Terrine.  OMG!
4. Candy Bark is a great way to use up those little packages of candy.  Break it into pieces, put some in cute autumn colored bags and pass out to neighbors.  How fun and easy is that?  Try Delish's version of Candy Corn and Pretzel Bark.
5. Or to use your chocolate candies try this Halloween Candy Bar from The Kitchn
6. How about Candy-Filled Chocolate Filled Doughnuts from Tartelette?  If it is gluten-free does that mean it is guilt-free?

If you are counting down to a November birthday, or just anxious for the next holiday, this easy advent calendar idea from ohdeedoh is a great way to stretch out that candy so it isn't consumed in one weekend.

And for your upcoming cookie exchanges...take a gander at these recipes and suggestions.
1. Skittles Meringues.  Use just the red and green ones for a Christmas cookie exchange! 
2. Stir mini candies (try Skittles or M&M's) into Rice Krispie treats before pressing the mixture into the pan.  Use holiday cookie cutters to cut festive shapes!
3. Make chocolate chip cookies with chopped-up chocolate candy in place of the chips.
4. Dip pretzel rods in melted chocolate and roll in crushed candy - Heath or Skor bars work well.
5. Peanut Butter Cup Cookies are a favorite in H's house for Christmas.  Here is a comparable recipe on Allrecipes.

6. The easiest treat ever - plop a Rolo on top of a mini pretzel (square ones work beautifully but mini knot pretzels are good too).  Arrange them all on a paper plate.  Microwave until the Rolos are soft (but watch them - you don't want them to melt!)  Push a shelled pecan half down in the Rolo - instant Turtle!  Almonds are yummy too!

If you don't need more dessert in your house, here are some "healthier" options (keeping in mind they do still involve candy!).
1. Caramel Apple Salad is a regular in H's house at Thanksgiving.  Mix up a box of vanilla instant pudding per the directions on the box.  Fold in a container of cool whip.  Dice one apple and about 20 bite size Snickers and combine with the pudding/Cool Whip mixture.  Chill and serve!
2. Make some Fudgy Banana Muffins with this recipe from Taste of Home.

3. Make a snack mix out of popcorn, nuts, pretzels and M&Ms or Candy Corn.
4. Make your own chocolate croissants for breakfast!  Buy some tubes of crescent dough (Pillsbury or store version) and roll up chopped chocolate candies inside the crescent!  Bake per the directions on the package! 
5. Disguise a banana by coating it in yummy chocolate and chopped up candy per this Frozen Reese's Banana Pop recipe from Real Simple!

6. Another fruit disguise - try this recipe for Candy Bar Stuffed Baked Apples courtesy of Emeril!
7. Try Creepy Crawly Rice Pudding from Nestle! 

Need some fun and non-tooth-rotting ideas?  Here are some ideas that don't involve consuming that candy!

1. Check out these Top 10 Scientific Uses for Leftover Halloween Candy.  Use them as a science learning opportunity!
2. Kitchen Daily has some ideas for Candy Crafts.  Love the mini race cars.

3. Make a thank you card for your child's teacher or just a card to say hello for your neighbor using this card idea from the Crafty Crow.

4. We saved the best for last - two ideas from My Springfield Mommy to share your loot with the troops!

Well - that does it.  Halloween is officially over.  Till next year...


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