Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Classroom Halloween Party

So I've run into a party dilemma...the room mother for my son's Kindergarten class is going to be out of town on the day of the class Halloween Party.  She sent an email asking for volunteers to help, to which I happily obliged.  Seems, though, that I am the only one to volunteer so far so that means it is up to me to carry the torch. Never fear, I will prevail.  It will be the most rockin' classroom party these Kindergarteners have ever had!  Ok - so it is also their first.  The bar is low.  Whew!

So what do I have in mind?  I'd like to bring back the parties of ol'. I remember well when the room mothers would descend on our class, unleashing all sorts of homemade holiday goodness, inventive games and special take-home trinkets for everyone!  To all those room mothers- I will not let you down!  I guess first I'd better check with the current room mother to see what the new rules are...liability, you know?!?!  Safe to say I will not be allowed to let the kids stick their heads in a trough of water to bob for apples?  We did that at my school…I'm not kidding.

I am thinking I start with the idea of our Halloween Party Pack, except for 25 instead of eight – cupcakes (allergy-free) with toppers and wrappers, pennant banners to decorate, etc.  Hey! That gives me an idea…how about Classroom Holiday Party Packs? For all those working moms, like me, who want to help more in the classroom but are pressed for time.  Or for those room mothers who just don't enjoy the crafting part of it but want the homemade look for the classroom party? Heather and I will be discussing this so watch for these on our Etsy site.  I digress.

Right now, my childhood memories are taking me back to scary sounds like creaking doors, howling wind and screeching cats played on a portable record player…remember?  Ok – so I'll probably use my iPod.  But you get the point.

I have a great idea for favors, too.  I'll do a mock up and post the picture later this month.

How about games?  Suggestions and ideas are welcome!  Here are a couple of mine.  Please comment.

How Many Candy Corns?
Fill a jar with candy corn and have each child write down their best guess as to how many candies are in the jar. Announce the winner at the end of the party--they win the jar! Check out this cute bowl and sign from Better Homes & Gardens. You can download the design.  How easy is that?

My bowl will be more the size of a jar, though, so that I don't send a child home with 8 pounds of candy corn.

Halloween Toss
Toss a bean bag into the right can and win a prize!

Ok.  How fun is this?  And cheap!  Again, from BHG. And – you guessed it – you can download the images for the can wraps. 

If you've looked at our Boy Birthday Party Packs you know that we make adorable bean bags for favors.  I'll have to sew up a handful with cute Halloween fabric for this game.  (We'll have to remember that for our Classroom Party Pack idea.)  We'll give away the bean bags at the end of party as another prize. 

I know we've got some crafty moms and some Room Mothers out there!  Please tell us what you think!  I'll keep you posted on the party progress.



Anonymous said...

I am doing a "Pass the Pumpkin" game.(2nd gr.) Think hot potato. Done with the eery music. Music stops. --And the part I don't like, but for time sake, and keep the party rolling with the many kids of combined classrooms-the one child holding the pumpkin will eventually have to step aside for a new player, but will first lead the group in a quick, silly dance. So, it's a "special" departure.

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