Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Munchies; Tailgating

It's FOOTBALL SEASON!  Yes!  You know what that means... tailgating!!!  Whether you are at a high school game, a college game or lucky enough to score tickets to an NFL soiree - you gotta bring along delicious - but practical - food for the tailgate party.  I would love nothing more than to have all of the beautiful vintage tartan thermoses, blankets, tins and picnic basket pieces to construct a tailgate party right out of a magazine.  Reality is - I don't have any of them.  Oh -  I've considered picking a few up when I run across them at an antiques mall or flea market, then I notice the price tag or (worse) the rust it has collected over the years. Can't be safe for food.  

Bottom are serving food out of the back of your car with a bunch of folks who will only remember if it tastes good - not how cute it looks.  The anticipation is about the game, not the tailgate party.  So my advice is to go with food that packs up easily and tastes delicious.  Here are some recipes I plan to try this year - buying in-season local products for sure.  

Celery root and apple slaw.  You can make it ahead of time and just throw it in a tupperware until time to go.  How easy is that?

And for an easy sandwich, check out these pear and chicken heros. They look delicious!  Use rotisserie chicken, assemble before you leave and wrap in wax paper, securing with a toothpick.  Ready to serve right out of the cooler.  Nice.

What's for dessert you ask?  Cookies.  Why?  Because they are super easy to make days before, throw them all in a tupperware and pass it around for family and friends to enjoy.  I have so many favorite cookie recipes, but I am going to suggest my "go-to", which is Quaker Oats' famous Vanishing Oatmeal Raisin Cookie recipe.  

It is on the bottom of the lid of every canister of Quaker oatmeal. I cannot deceive you, though, I swap out the raisins for chocolate chips.  Why? Duh...because it's chocolate.   

Last, I would suggest some type of homemade delicious fall beverage (alcoholic for sure) but let's be real - this is football.  And that calls for one thing - BEER.  My friend Joel just introduced me to a delicious microbrew out of Oregon called Rogue.  My new favorite for fall is their Hazelnut Brown Nectar - I highly suggest it for tailgating!



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