Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween Party Yummies

We try to make our party packs pretty self-sufficient.  But one thing that we will never include in our packs is the food.  And let’s be honest, what’s a party without the food?

So we’ll be doing some fun posts in the future on some treats to add to your party to make it a smash.   Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and the food ideas are limitless for this haunting holiday!

How about Hot Dog Mummies like these from The Idea Room?

Or a fresh veggie tray arranged in a candy corn scheme like this one from Parents Magazine?

Or try some of these icky picks to gross out your guests and maybe even get some non-candy food in their system before Trick or Treating!

How about Pickled Brains courtesy of Martha Stewart (might actually get the little ones to eat cauliflower!).

These Goblin Grins snacks from Family Fun Magazine are healthy and pretty cute too!

And Martha's Eye-Popping Soup looks creepy and yummy!

Happy Haunting!


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