Thursday, October 7, 2010


We’ve completely bought into the cupcake rage.  They are cute little packages of sugary goodness - and perfectly portioned!  They require no plates or utensils and are so easy to decorate! 

There are definitely some amazing recipes out there, although we are also proponents of making a box mix when in a pinch.   One of our regular features here will be about some fun and/or unusual cupcake recipes that would be party perfect.  Since it is a special week for us (launch week - yay!) you get a bonus today - we'll share three! Just click the photo to go to the recipe.

1. Joy’s Hope (an AMAZING craft blog) featured a hack for Salted Caramel Cupcakes.  We made these for my hubby’s birthday and they were absolutely delish – and super easy!!  After this one I decided homemade frosting is the only way to go – who knew how easy and delicious it is!

2. We are big ice cream fans in our house (probably more than the cake - shh!) so I was thrilled when I saw that Joy the Baker has fantastic instructions on how to make ice cream cupcakes.  I'm asking for these for my birthday next year!

3. And finally, S'mores cupcakes.  I mean really, are you even reading this anymore?  You probably clicked the link before you even read that last sentence.  Bakerella has the coolest site full of cake pops.  If only I could be that talented in decorating little cakes! 

Keep in mind that although these cupcake recipes look yummy, there is no reason you can use store bought cupcakes for your party.  Our party packs put a handmade spin on them with the wrappers and toppers and no one will be the wiser.  It's our little secret!



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