Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Finds: Cowboy

Every Friday we will feature a few fun items to put your party over the top.  Whether it is an item meant for parties or something that you wouldn’t normally think of, we’ll point you to some of our favorite party products.  Hopefully you’ll share your favorites with us too!

So on that note, here is our first edition of Friday finds.  Enjoy!

1. What kid doesn’t love lollipops?  And what party can ever have too much sugar?  We found this great store on etsy called Sweet Lollipop Shop and they have all sorts of cute shaped lollipop, including lots of all natural and vegan options!  There are some great Halloween ones, but some others that would go well with our party pack themes like these cute cowboy boots (available in other flavors/colors).

2. We love a custom party hat, and the glasylassy store has some super cute ones!  Check out this adorable hat for your little guy's first birthday.  She has lots more in the store, but we sure are partial to this one.  It would be perfect with our cowboy party pack!

3. And speaking of the little ones, or even the not as little ones that you want to keep clean (i.e., my almost 3 year old) a bandana bib on the guest of honor would be a perfect complement to the festivities.  Or for little brother or sister instead - you can't forget them! These bibs from sitting on the wall are perfect!

Happy Friday!


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