Friday, November 12, 2010

Butterfly Party - Friday Find

I have a confession to make.  Almost like a guilty mother picking her favorite child, I have a favorite party pack.

Being a redhead, pinks and reds have never been my favorite colors because I can't pull them off.  Our butterfly pack is made of some of my favorite colors (and papers!) and the delicate appearance of the butterflies is a perfect girly complement.  So admittedly, I've taken a liking for that pack just a little more (shhhh, don't tell the others!)

In honor of my favorite pack, I thought I'd dedicate this Friday Finds to cute complements to all things butterfly!

1. These 3D wall stickers from the shop Chaiv look like a perfect complement to our pack!  Imagine them scattered on the wall around the banner or stuck to your tabletop - super cute!

2. The birthday girl would look adorable in this gorgeous hairclip from the shop mullybeans.  The applique hails from Korea so you are not going to find anything like it at the box stores.  Would it be weird if I ordered one for myself at age 34??

3. Every birthday girl needs her own wand.  This glitter wand from Tulleshop would be perfect for the party's princess!

I made my confession, now I want to know yours.  What's your favorite pack and why? 

By the way, make sure to sign up for our newsletter above.  We have some new and unique packs coming later this month (we aren't just about birthdays after all!) and there are a couple that are looking to usurp this one for most favorite of mine!



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