Monday, November 15, 2010

Fun Twist on a Cookie Exchange - Monday Munchies

When I make cookies, I am often known to hold back about half of the dough and refrigerate it so that I can bake fresh ones every night.  There is simply nothing like a warm and gooey cookie to make a body feel good!  So - how about a cookie exchange that offers everyone the opportunity to bake them up whenever they like?  There are so many options for great cookie-in-a-jar recipes - not to mention the endless options for making cute labels and tags for the jars.  YES!  I call that a two-fer...cookies and crafting.  What a fun twist on a cookie exchange!  Here are some ideas.

Bakerella has the most beautiful ideas for everything about baking.  Take this recipe for Cowgirl Cookies and adapt it to the holidays.  Use red, green, white or maybe ice blue M&M's to suit the season!

Toffee Blondies!  How gorgeous is this presentation by Baked Bree?

Ok - so technically it's not a cookie, but who doesn't love brownies?!?!  Try this Brownies in a Jar recipe from Better Homes & Gardens.

And since you can see the jar in the picture, we might as well throw in the Trail Mix Bars in a Jar recipe from BH&G as well.  Especially since we'll need to hit the trails after all these cookies!

Take a gander at some of these other layer mix recipes:

Snowball Cookie Mix
Cranberry Drops Mix
Butterscotch Cookies in a Jar
Chocolate Cookie Mix

Does your host have a dog?  Why not stick with the theme and bring a little something for the canine?  I love this idea from All Free Crafts!
The sky's the limit with this idea!  Have fun...



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