Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Kids' Table

We can't forget the kiddos on Thanksgiving.  Although it is a very grownup holiday full of gratitude and elaborate food, there is plenty of room for incorporating your kids into the traditions of this delicious holiday.

The first tradition?  Stick them at their own table.  No really, I know you are all having flashbacks to being the teenager stuck at the kiddie table when all you want to do is go to your room and listen to Duran Duran on your walkman.  Oops, I digress.

Seriously, the kids won't want to be at the grown up table when they can be hanging with their buddies and cousins at tables decked with these cool ideas!!

1. How about an activity to keep the little natives from being restless while Dad is carving the bird?  Use this tutorial by Skip to My Lou to make little turkey finger puppets so they can keep themselves entertained.

2. How is this amazing popcorn filled turkey from One Charming Party for a centerpiece!  And it includes snacks and party activities!

3. My husband has a weird affection for jellied cranberry sauce.  I'm disgusted by the shape it is when it comes out of the can.  But I never thought of using some cookie cutters to make these cuties from Babble.  The kiddos will gobble them up! (sorry, I couldn't resist!)

4. Finally, I've been eying chalkboard mat tutorials for a while.  This "I Am Thankful For" placemat tutorial by Flamingo Toes looks like the perfect addition to your kids' table! 

I'm not so sure I'd mind being put at the kiddie table with these cool additions!  Happy Turkey Day!


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