Monday, December 6, 2010

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!!!: Monday Munchies

In honor of the Cookie Exchange that Heather and I are hosting this evening, I would like to throw out some awesome cookie recipes (or fun alternatives to the cookie) from blog land that I did not end up making. We asked our girlfriends to just select one recipe and bring lots of it. It proved more difficult to narrow all the options down to one than to actually make the cookies. Okay - so I failed at the "narrowing down". I made three.

All from Our Best Bites (one of my very most favorite blogs for cookie recipes) - check these out:

Gingerbread Rice Crispy Treats - I have been looking for an excuse to buy those marshmallows I keep seeing at the grocery store.

Okay - so I love the single-serve trend going on right now. How about that concept with popcorn? Bring it to your exchange in individual paper cups (perhaps embellished with some adorable decorative papers). But - then again - don't even get me started on the whole popcorn deliciousness thing. That is a whole separate post. Hey - there's an idea. Stay tuned...

And because I am a sucker for all things oatmeal, here are some really unique oatmeal cookies from Orangette.

So here is an alternative-to-cookies idea that would send your friends home with a nice option for something sweet, but a departure from a cookie.

I hope you enjoy your cookie exchange as much as we will enjoy ours. Happy eating!


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