Sunday, February 13, 2011

Classroom Valentines

Remember our free printable tags?  I used them to make the Valentines for son’s daycare class!
It was ridiculously easy.  I printed and cut them out (although you’ll see I used only the “be mine” ones in the photo – I had a color scheme in mind so I wanted to go with that one!)

I picked up some little paper treat bags from Target (20 to a pack for $1.99 in the Valentine’s Day section) when I went to buy the treats inside (mini boxes of yogurt covered raisins and individual packs of fruit snacks).  I used this border punch to give it the scallop at the top to add a special touch!
Using a small circle punch I cut tags out of the coordinating aqua color where I wrote my son’s name.  I punched two holes in the top of the bag, and after filling the bag with the treats, I simply tied it closed and attached the tag with my beloved red/white bakers twine (LOVE that stuff!!!).
After I cut my little tags (download link here) I just attached them with some adhesive.  Super easy!

I have seen so many cute valentines this year with cute bags sewn shut.  That had been my plan with these, and would have been super cute too  Unfortunately my contents were a little bulky, so it was a little difficult to run through the sewing machine.  But depending on the contents you choose, that would be a cute handmade touch!

Did you make Valentines this year?  We’d love to hear/see what you did!!


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christine @ leapfroglane said...

I adore these! So fun! I made some lollipop cards, as well as some graphic, typographic-driven valentines for the teachers... I posted about them yesterday (can we say 11th hour?!) over on my blog. Next year I hope to be a little more ahead of the curve...

Melanie said...

I am embarrassed to say that I did the store bought ones this year. I will definitely have to make some super cute ones next year! I found you on Made By You Mondays and am now following you.


G and H said...

In my book, there is NO shame in buying valentines. I just blame it on my son (we were at the store and he really wanted the batman ones...). :) I admit I failed the teachers this year - somehow I didn't think to bring them anything! Terrible!!

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