Friday, April 1, 2011

Floral Party – Crafts

We love vintage floral party themes!! They have a beautiful versatility that would work for a sweet little girl’s party, a preteen bash or even a bridal or baby shower!  We have a big variety of vintage style floral packs in our shop!


So how do you kick up your floral themed event another notch? Any of these gorgeous DIY projects would be a gorgeous addition to our floral party packs!

1. Love this idea from Martha – embellish your existing table cloth with fabric flowers that are attached with magnets.  When the party is over, remove the flowers magnets (good for the refrigerator!) and your tablecloth is back to normal.

2. These DIY cherry blossoms from Pure Joy Events are absolutely gorgeous – and made with paper, pins and twigs!  This would make an absolutely beautiful addition to your table.

3. Dana at Made gives fantastic instructions on how ot make these adorable wallflowers from napkins!!  Imagine how cute these would be scattered across the wall!

4. Rhonna Farrer took the Made tutorial one step further and used fringe scissors to make these beautiful paper napkin flowers.

5. These Crepe Paper Flowers from The Bride’s Café are gorgeous – they look so real!  I’d love to have a beautiful set of these that I can bring out when the fresh flowers aren’t available.  Gorgeous.

6. These gorgeous DIY long-stemmed fabric flowers from Snowy Bliss are brilliant and have great instructions!  What a cute way to use my fabric scraps!!

7. If you can cut a spiral from a circle of paper, you can make these amazing paper rosettes from Bump Smitten.  Love the display with the twigs!

8. And of course who can forget these sweet pomanders featured on Whipperberry?  They are absolutely breathtaking!!

Of course, our Paper Flower Wreath would be a perfect addition to any floral themed party too!

Hope this inspires you to take your floral-themed party up a notch with a beautiful craft project, just in time for spring!image


Lissa (Bellenza) said...

First of all, love your fabric pennants (the choice of patterns is so charming)! Then, you've offered such great project ideas to pair them with!

Christine @ Pure Joy Events said...

Thanks for including our DIY cherry blossoms in your round up. They're all so pretty.

Gayle said...

number 1 - the magnets idea is an awesome idea. I'd never thought of it before but I love it. Imagine the possibilities!

G and H said...

Lissa - thank you so much for the compliment!! It was fun to take a color concept and turn it into such variety!

Christine - they are so beautiful - I can't wait to make my own! I can just see them in a beautiful vase in the middle of the party table - gorgeous!

Gayle - Isn't that so clever? It is such a versatile idea! And a thrifty way to customize your plain tablecloth for the event!

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