Thursday, March 17, 2011

Space Party Finds: Projects & Food

Girl or boy, just about every little one eventually has a dream to go to space.  Who am I kidding, most of us adults think it would be cool to explore the Final Frontier, right?  In celebration of your little one’s birthday, bring their dreams to them.  Throw a Space Party!!  Of course our Space Party Pack would make your planning a lot easier!
Space Birthday Party Pack

There are so many exciting ideas out there for throwing your very own space party.  Today we are featuring a wide variety of crafts and recipes to make your space party out of this world!  (Hee hee, couldn’t resist.

So read on for some great ideas on the great beyond... 

Seriously, there are some super cool rocket crafts out there!  How fun would these be to set the scene for your festivities?  Or if you are really brave – get the kids in on the craft and make it an activity for them during the party.  Here are some of our favorites.


1. Sweet Paul Magazine gives instructions on how to make this awesome rocket from a wardrobe box. This will keep the kids occupied for hours!
2. Yes, these confetti popper rockets are intended for the 4th of July. But these cuties (made from toilet paper rolls and paper) from Alpha Mom make for a fun celebration (what’s a party without confetti?).
3. Leave it to Martha to come up with using shipping tubes to make these awesome rockets. Let the kids decorate them for even more fun!


4. Family Fun provides instructions on how to make these cool rockets.  You fill baby jars with glycerin, star confetti, and let the kiddos decorate.  They have a fun project to take home!
5. I know it isn’t a rocket, but I’m in LOVE with this idea from the Sweetest Occasionmake a solar system out of paper lanterns! Then hang them in the guest of honor’s room after the party – adorable. 

Other Activities: Want to try a science project with the kiddos?  Give this Bubble Powered Rocket a try!  Or make a custom “black hole” bean bag toss board like the Frugal Family Fun blog! Our cute space bean bags from the space party pack would round out this perfect activity!

So what to serve the little space explorers?  Don’t worry, we have you covered (and we aren’t going to suggest astronaut ice cream, although if you are into it, that’s cool too).  I love offering themed foods at an event – even if they just have theme related names (just add a cute placecard to show the name), they are such a fun touch to an event.


1. Set out a fun bowl of Saturn Peaches as a snack.  Also known as Doughnut Peaches, these peaches are less “fuzzy” but sweeter than standard peaches. And do I need to point out that it is also a healthy snack? That will balance out the crazy desserts I’m going to show you below.
2. Remember the cute rocket sandwiches we posted way back in the day?  They make a healthy and fun meal for everyone!  Or to make it easier, use a cute cookie cutter like this rocket one to cut out sandwiches or even just cheese slices for a “make your own" sandwich bar!


3. Use a bowl of hummus and some peppers cut into “rays” to make your own sun appetizer like this one from Nick Jr.
4. Or serve orange sorbet and mandarin oranges in the shape of the sun like this fruit “sun”dae from Nick Jr.

5. Make these adorable planet earth cake pops from Vanilla and Lace.
6. Moon Pies like these from Brown Eyed Baker would be perfect!
7. How about Milky Way Ice Cream from Lettuce Pray?
8. That ice cream would be delicious with these Milky Way cupcakes from The Cupcake Project!
9. Or if you want to go all out, make carnival style Fried Mini Mars Bars from Babble!  Come on, you know you want to try them!

Hope these ideas help you customize your space themed party and put your day over the top!  We’d love to hear your ideas for a space party!  Please share in the comments!



Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved making the milky way cupcakes, and best of all, so did everyone else! Thanks alot, 'Didsomeonesaypartysite!' :)

Wayne Rooney said...

Congratulations, Caleb looks so precious!! I am gald to hear that you had such a wonderful birth, enjoy your bundle of joy!!
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