Monday, April 25, 2011

Leftover Easter Candy Ideas - Monday Munchies

At the risk of repeating a topic (see our Leftover Halloween Candy post), we must talk about all that Easter candy that is left every year.  I simply cannot let my child continue to consume chocolate and other sweets the way he did on Easter Sunday.  Okay - so it's really not about my child.  I cannot continue go through each day resisting the rest of his Easter candy.  So - in the spirit of lightening the candy load, let's take a look at some truly unique approaches to "recycling"...

These Gummi Candy Decorations from A Spirited Mind are a fabulous way to morph all those gummi worms and bunnies into other decor for future party needs.  

For all of the chocolate?  Use it in these Leftover Easter Candy Brownies from Heidi Bakes.  Perfect for your next get together!

Jelly Bean Martini anyone?  (Courtesy of eddy & co.)

What to do with all of those malted milk chocolate eggs?  Whip up a Malted Milk Chocolate Proten Shake from Dashing Dish.  Finally!  A protein drink I can totally get behind.

Have some smores around the campfire with this suggestion from Peeps.

Or if you are looking for a more interesting way to use your candy without actually eating it, take a cruise over to GeekDad to explore some fun ways of learning about chemistry with Peeps.  Good times!

I hope everyone had as joyous an Easter as I did with my beautiful family!  Enjoy your week.


Miriam said...

Those are some yummy looking ideas! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

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