Friday, May 27, 2011

Bridal Shower Memory Keeping

I was fortunate enough to have two bridal showers for my wedding.  No, I didn’t have two weddings - one shower was in my hometown and one was where I currently live with local friends. Although they were thrown by different people (one by my sisters and one by one of my best friends), they both resulted in beautiful gift albums that I absolutely treasure! I wanted to share these ideas with you as they are very different, but both are wonderful meaningful gifts for the bride to be.

At my local bridal shower, my sweet hostess friend insisted on snapping photos of me with each guest with a Polaroid. Then she had each guest write me a note with their wishes us.  She made me an album of these photos with the notes below. Little did my non-scrapbooking friend realize that she made me one of my most favorite scrapbooks ever!
Bridal Shower Album
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Bridal Shower Album Page
This album can be pretty simple or pretty fancy - it is up to you and your scrapbooking skills! As long as you have some slips of paper for guests to write their note (or notecards would work too if you have a photo album that is “2-up”) and a camera, you can make a wonderful treasure for the guest of honor!

At my hometown shower, my sisters (who dabble a little in scrapbooking) asked everyone to bring their favorite recipe for me.
Bridal Shower Invitation Note
Then they made scrapbook pages with the memory cards and recipe cards.  It’s like two gifts in one – memory keeping and a cookbook!  My most treasured page is the one where my mom included copies of my late grandmother’s recipes (family treasures to say the least) - she made sure to copy Grandma’s original handwritten brownie recipe!
Brownie Recipe
Of course both of these ideas can be done without a lick of scrapbooking supplies. Simple purchase a pretty photo album! Find one that holds one photo per page or is “2-up”. Use 4x6 note cards to hold the messages from the guest or the recipes!

Of course you can pick up some albums at any local superstore or craft store, but you can also find some beautiful ones on etsy. Here are some of our finds that would work well (we always prefer to buy handmade!!)
image image image
1. Gold Mums Small Photo Album from Scroll.
Linen Photo Album from Books by Stephen.
Black with Red Peony Photo Album by Peregrine Arts Bindery.

Of course if you are really thinking ahead (like the girlfriend that made me the photo album) you might also invest in a lovely keepsake box that will hold all her cards and other mementos from the shower.
Bridal Shower Keepsake Box
Here are some options that would be lovely.
image image image
1. Album & Box Set from Peregrine Arts Bindery.
Clamshell Photo Box by Tactile Books Shop.
Red and Black Peony Japanese Chiyogami Clamshell Photobox by Peregrine Arts Bindery.

The bride has a lot of exciting activities leading up to her big day, and her bridal shower is a significant one. Helping her preserve the memory of this special day will be an incredible gift to her. We hope today’s ideas (thanks to my sisters and girlfriend!) give you some ideas how you can share that special gift with your guest of honor.

Of course these ideas can be used in a lot of other applications, including baby showers, milestone birthday parties, housewarming parties, etc. How great would a recipe book be for a housewarming?!?

That officially wraps up our May bridal shower theme! Our June theme will be the perfect summer BBQ! We are excited to share ideas on hosting your best backyard bash. Join us next Friday for the kickoff! In the meantime, have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!


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