Friday, June 3, 2011

Backyard BBQ: Grilled Fruit

Have a backyard BBQ planned? Have a dessert dilemma? Today’s roundup is all about the perfect dessert for your BBQ – grilled fruit!

I am a HUGE fan of grilled fruit. In fact I’d choose a simple grilled pineapple over almost any dessert. Something about the char and the heat gives such a mellow sweetness to the fruit. It’s pretty simple to make – just cut up a fresh pineapple (
Our Best Bites has tips how to do it here.) We use slices or spears, but if you want bite size fruit, just put it on a skewer to keep it from falling into the grill. Then place on the hot grill for a few minutes until you get some nice char marks. We typically serve it plain.

It’s definitely delicious on its own, but if you want something a little more special, try one of these amazing recipes for various grilled fruit! We guarantee your guests will enjoy these delectable treats – and will also appreciate the fresh and light dessert on a hot summer night!

How about some fruit on skewers?
Grilled Fruit Skewers from Chaos in the Kitchen Grilled Banana Skewers with Coconut Milk Sauce from Bonbini imageimage
Grilled Fruit Kabobs from Taste of Home Grilled Tropical Fruit with Coconut Sauce from Food Network Canada

Peaches and other stone fruit are perfect for the grill!

Grilled Stone Fruit Antipasto Plate from the Noshery
Smeaches from The Kitchy Kitchen

Add a unique sauce or topping like these delicious treats!
Grilled Bananas with Spiced Chai Syrup from Ellie Krieger
Grilled Fruit Bruschetta with Honey Marscapone from Food & Wine

Grilled Watermelon with Yogurt from Food & Wine via The Bitten Word Grilled Hobo Fruit Packs from Today’s Letter
If you still need your chocolate, you can get it with these incredible recipes!
Grilled Banana Boats from Aggies Kitchen Grilled Pineapple with Nutella from Made in Melissa’s Kitchen

And for more great grilled dessert recipes, including the kitchn’s Grilled Peaches with Bourbon Vanilla Whipped Cream, visit this post from the kitchn!

We hope you found something that inspired you to try some lovely grilled fruit at your next backyard event. It’s a great way to enjoy summer’s bounty and stay out of the hot kitchen this summer!

Do you have any go to recipes or approaches for grilling fruit? Please share in the comments!


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I love grilled fruit! Thanks for the inspiration!

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