Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Savory Cupcakes

Don't be alarmed.  I haven't lost my mind.

Apparently, making savory cupcakes is not that unusual.  Sure, I doubt your 6 year old would be happy with a savory cupcake for his birthday party, but they have a purpose - great for dinner parties, baby/bridal showers, brunches, etc..  In fact Easter brunch sounds like a good plan for these delectable treats!  And they look just as cute adorned with our cupcake wrappers and toppers! 

OK, so they can also be called muffins.  But we are all about cupcakes around this blog and they sound more interesting that way!!
1. These Savory Cupcakes from Eat Drink Pretty are basically cheddar herb bread with goat cheese "frosting".  Wait, did you catch that?  Goat cheese???  I'm in!

2. These Savory Broccoli Cakes from the etsy storque blog look like a work of art!  My broccoli loving kiddo might actually enjoy these!

3. How about Bacon Herb Cupcakes from Southern Living? They are frosted with Cream Cheese!

4. These Goat Cheese and Green Onion Mini Muffins from Clockwork Lemon sound delicious!  Again with the goat cheese – YUM!
5. Love the concept of these  baked spinach dip mini bread bowls from Picky Palate.  What a perfect appetizer – dip and bread all in one cute little cupcake size package! 

6. These Savory Foster Farms & Bacon Cupcakes by Kathy Casey are frosted with Tabasco Cream Cheese Frosting!! Head to the Seattle Tall Poppy blog for the recipe!

In my mind, any cute little thing in a muffin tin qualifies as a cupcake, and these delicious savory treats are no different!
So tell me, do you have any "savory “cupcake” recipes to share? 


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