Monday, July 25, 2011

Italian Prune Plums - Monday Munchies

So what is in season in your state right now?  In mine?  Not much.  Since relocating to a new very HOT state, I have learned that July and August simply are not peak harvest months here.  The good news?  I get two (yes! two!) gardens seasons at other times of the year.  Oh goodie!  Anyway, one of the few things you can find locally here this time of year are Italian Prune Plums.  I love 'em - so let's go with this...

Shiny Cooking has a great idea for how to use up those extra plums so you have a stash of deliciousness to flavor up other tasty treats.  Caramelized Italian Plums.  Yum.

These Chops with Plum Sauce from Bonny Wolf at NPR are a nice way to enjoy these in a savory dish.

One of my favorite ways to ensure that I use every bit of the harvest is to do some canning.  This is not news to any of you considering I blog about it often, right?  Chutneys are a great way to have something quick and easy to serve over meat for a dinner parties.  So gourmet!  This simple Plum Chutney recipe from will do the trick.

Of course, the best way to eat them is always right off the tree.  What a perfect snack.  Have a "plum" of a week...


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That looks so yummy!!!

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ginseng supplements said...

Prune plums can be added to different recipes.

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