Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Entertaining: Granitas

Remember those hot summer days at the fair as a child, slurping down your snow cone before the heat got to it? Remember how refreshing that sweet icy slush was after playing hard in the sun? The granita is the adult snow cone.

If you aren’t familiar with granitas, they are simply a combination of water, sugar, and various flavorings (often fruit).  It’s a versatile treat that can be customized in a million different ways, including with liquor.  A perfect refreshment on a hot day, this sweet treat is ideal for your summer event. No matter the occasion, today’s roundup of recipes will have you running to the freezer!
1. This strawberry granita from Whole Living calls for some aged balsamic vinegar. Sounds divine!
2. This blackberry granita from Joy the Baker is topped with whipped cream for an positively beautiful presentation (LOVE Joy the Baker – do you listen to her podcast??)
3. Pioneer Woman makes this pretty summer watermelon granita with a little lime.
4. Passionate about Baking offers a Peach-Ginger and Plum-Vanilla Granita parfait in this pretty presentation.
5. This Kiwi Granita from Culinary Musings includes some limoncello for a little sweet kick. YUM!
6. This Lychee Raspberry Granita found at Sour Grapes has the most beautiful color!
7. Choose from Raspberry Granita or this Pineapple Granita in this post from The Comfort of Cooking.
8. I love the presentation of this Strawberry Pommelo Granita from Do Better. (bet my pommelo-loving son would love this!)
9. I can’t wait to try this Cantaloupe Granita from Jessica’s Dinner Party!

Of course if you are looking for a more sophisticated dessert, there are lots of options for using a granita!
10. You can’t go wrong with this Vanilla Custard with Ginger Granita and Granny Smith Apple from Greedy Gourmand. I love the monochromatic presentation – absolutely beautiful.
11. This post from Two Spoons recommends some Raspberry Lime Granita in a Raspberry Limeade – what a brilliant idea!
12. This Limoncello Granita with Fresh Raspberry Sauce from Spoon with Me has such a gorgeous presentation.

If you are looking for a more cocktail version of the granita, the recipes abound! Try these three pretty frozen cocktails!
13. Mac and Cheese offers up this Mojito Granita (say that ten times really fast!!)
14. This Herb and White Wine Granita from food52 looks like fresh snow. Gorgeous!
15. This Sangria Granita from Fine Cooking sounds like the perfect summer combination to me!

Instead of the late night coffee, try one of these frozen coffee granitas!
16. End the evening with this Espresso Granita from Bon Appetit. (I am totally making this to have for breakfast this weekend!)
17. For the best of both worlds, make this kahlua spiked coffee granita from Completely Delicious!
18. Or spike your Coffee Granita with Bailey’s Irish Cream with this recipe from Eternally Cool.

I like the citrus rind and cocktail glass presentations, but I’d serve these babies in paper cones just for the nostalgia factor. What about you?


Lissa (Bellenza) said...

An absolutely delicious looking round-up of granita options! The coffee ones are really tempting. :-)

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