Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chocolate Cherry Malt Cupcakes

These dense cupcakes are a super decadent little treat full of rich chocolate and sweet cherry preserves.  I used this amazing recipe from The Noshery found at Tasty Kitchen.

I made a couple tweaks since I couldn’t find chocolate malt powder.  I used plain malt powder in the cupcake, then used this Allrecipes recipe for Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting.  The frosting was lightly sweet and tart – perfect for the rich cupcake!

She wasn’t kidding when she said don’t be surprised that they weigh more than a small child – these are some super dense and rich cupcakes.  Quite tasty and absolutely adorable with the maraschino cherry and crushed Whoppers on top!

Have you tried any new cupcake recipes that you love? Please share!


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