Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Theme Baby Shower

School Theme Baby ShowerI was fortunate enough to throw my amazing sister in law a baby shower earlier this month! They are expecting their first child, and we could not be more thrilled for them. She did so much for us when our little guy was a newborn. So it was truly an honor to spoil her a little for her shower.
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The photos in this post are some of many you will see of the event taken by the incredible Kate Kintzel Photography. Kate rocks – seriously. That girl is so talented! Check out her amazing work here. If you are in the Denver area and are in need of some amazing photography work, you can find her on Facebook here or email her. Just friend request her. She’s taken our family portraits and milestone portraits of our little one and never disappoints. She also took some amazing maternity photos of my sister in law at the shower. Kate is really the best!!
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As far as the shower theme, I knew I wanted to include books in the theme somehow, so a school theme seemed like a natural direction to go. It allowed me to use the little guy’s initials in décor (which I am all about – my house is covered with “V” for our last name!). It didn’t occur to me that school items would also be on sale thanks to the appropriate time of year, so that worked well in other décor!

I’m excited to share a few posts in the next few of weeks with all the goodies from the big day. We had an incredible time – and I had far too much fun putting everything together! Many of the ideas I’m going to share would work for a bridal shower, a birthday or even a back to school party! 

Hope you enjoy! The first post is coming up tomorrow!



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