Thursday, September 1, 2011

School Theme Baby Shower: Decor

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I don’t even know where to start with décor! I had ridiculous amounts of fun crafting for this event. Here’s a rundown!

“Guestbook” and Favor Table
On the console in our foyer, I set up a station for folks to write a note to my sister in law. I used some pre-printed cards I had for a while that included some titles like “Advice” and “Three Qualities I Hope Baby Inherits”. I placed a chalkboard with instructions (in a mod podged frame to match my papers of course!) and a simple jar with some ribbon on it for them to place their notes into. I’m now working on a scrapbook for her to include those notes. Kate took photos of my sister in law with each guest, so it will be easy to compile a wonderful “guestbook” of her big day.
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This table also included all the favor bags, which I’ll share more on in a later post. It made sense that they would be near the door so the ladies could grab them as they walked out. Scattered on the table were some little wooden blocks I’d purchased from a craft store and mod podged with some of the alphabet block paper. In baby’s initials of course. :) Set on the table was also a pencil vase with some paper medallions in it. I got the inspiration for this vase from this post, although I didn’t permanently adhere my pencils. I wanted a taller vase, so I just used a drinking glass and some double sided tape. The ribbon and paper band I put around the vase kept everything together.

Book Table
I set up a special spot near the kitchen (where food was served and folks gathered at the beginning) for the books I’d requested guests bring (with their personalized bookplates of course!). I didn’t have a ton of room on this table, but I placed some mod podged wooden letters with the baby’s initials on there. These were super easy – layer of mod podge on the letter, stick the paper on and mod podge over. Then when it is dry use a craft knife to cut them out. Cute!
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Gift table
We sat in our front living room for the gift opening, so we set up a nice table there to hold the gifts. Over the table were tissue poms in three of the theme colors. Follow this tutorial – I used one pack of tissue paper (I found great colors at Hobby Lobby) per pom. I also trimmed about 8” from each pack before folding the poms for to make mini pom flowers that I placed around the table. I hung my poms from 3M Command hooks on my ceiling – worked perfectly!! In fact I haven’t yet removed them a month later – they are still hanging!
Also over this table was draped one of the fabric banners I’d made (note, I also used 3M Command hooks to hold the banner up – perfect!!). This banner was pretty simple – I used 6x6 squares of natural linen, with edge strings pulled on three sides to give it an unfinished look, topped with a 4-1/2”x4-1/2” square of patterned fabric. I top-stitched the patterned squares. All of these squares were then sewn onto red bias tape. My brother in law said they looked like prayer flags!
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On the table was a wooden vase from my normal living room décor. Inside that vase were some yarn poms in our theme colors, attached to green pipe cleaners – instant cute crafty flowers!

Propped against the wall on this table were three alphabet prints I’d purchased from this shop. My sister in law was planning to hang them in the nursery, so I decided to order them myself as a shower gift. I framed them and propped them on the table as décor.

Finally, I had some large yarn covered letters (the baby’s initials of course!) laying on this table as an extra touch. I loved these so much!!  In fact, my son demanded some of his own for his room. :)
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Because each individual project was small and manageable, they were easy to pull off over a period of time. This maximized my crafting time and minimized my stress. :) I think it was fun to have little touches in all the rooms as well. Many of these ideas can be customized for any event. Remember the ideas we shared for decorating with monograms at a bridal shower?

Hope you’ll join me back here Tuesday when I share the activity and game we did at the shower. The activity also served as décor AND a gift! I think you’ll like it!

Hope these baby shower posts help you kick off a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Sorry, couldn’t resist! :)
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Christine @ Pure Joy Events said...

LOL. I've enjoyed reading the details from this shower. So many original and creative ideas. Of course, I love all of the DIY elements. Would you mind if I featured them on Tutorial Tuesday?

Monika Wright said...

I can't wait to try out the tissue pom's!

Vanessa said...

I'm loving all of the details!! Great job!

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