Friday, September 2, 2011

School Theme Baby Shower: Recap and the Missing Cupcake Toppers

School Theme Baby Shower
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Monogram Wreath
Shower Menu
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Shower Décor
Shower Activities and Game
Shower Favors and Corsage

So as someone who makes cupcake toppers for the shop, you may be wondering why our cupcakes were plain jane? In the heat of the moment (or the rush to get them out of the freezer) I completely forgot them! I had made these cute little number and ruler flags to put on top, but since we made ice cream cupcakes, I couldn’t stage them before hand. No worries, you can benefit from my mistake! I had made a set for the shop, but now I can offer 20 in the pack! They are in the shop now, and free shipping! In fact all our handmade serving items in the shop are currently free shipping, no coupon code needed!



Rachel said...

This shower looks so incredible! You guys did such a beautiful job. The invitations are one of my favorite elements--so fun and creative! Great work, all around!

Attiqa Shad said...

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