Monday, December 26, 2011

Cookie Exchange Party - Holiday Sweet Treats Printables

Happy Holidays, and Happy Birthday to my sweet 4 year old today!!

Hope you are enjoying the holiday break. Just in case you missed it I thought we'd share a guest post we did at The CSI Project last week.  With the winter theme, these would still be cute for a New Year's party! Or use the recipe cards to attach to baked good gifts! Have a great New Year's and see you back here next week!

Hi there! Heather here from Did Someone Say Party and I’m thrilled to be back with you today to share some fun ideas for a Cookie Exchange! We have a great gang of girls that have a cookie exchange every year, so this is one of our favorite holiday traditions! Today we are sharing some free printables to add a special and simple touch to your cookie exchange!

I love to discover new baking recipes, which is one of my most favorite parts of a cookie exchange. Email your guests this sweet recipe card printable in advance of the party. They can print it out on cardstock to write in the recipe and make copies for everyone to bring with them to the party!
Cookie Exchange-1-6
Make sure to download the front and back pages. The back page is setup so if you print them double sided the two sides line up to have extra room to continue the recipe instructions! Click the images below to download.
Holiday Sweet Treats Recipe Cards copyHoliday Sweet Treats Recipe Cards Backs copy
These recipe cards would also make super cute invitations for your event as well! Insert the name of the event under “recipe”, the host under “from the kitchen of” and all the details on the lines below. Then adhere to a cardstock mat.
Cookie Exchange-1-4
The cookies themselves make for delicious d├ęcor at your party. But cute little name tags for these treats would be a perfect addition to the table! We love to include simple little table tent cards.
Cookie Exchange-1-3
Download our free coordinating printable tent cards here. There are 6 on a sheet – print enough for every cookie recipe. Cut along the lines marked on the printable. Fold each card in half to stand like a tent. Then have your guests write in the name of the cookie when they set out their goodies.
Holiday Sweet Treats Table Tents copy
Of course these great tent cards would work for place cards or food tent cards at any holiday event!
Cookie Exchange-1-5
We hope you enjoy your free printables, and would love to see what you do with them!! For more cookie exchange ideas, come see our 2010 cookie exchange.  And come by our site today to find out more about those yummy pretzel treats in all my photos. They were a hit at our cookie exchange!

Happy Holidays!


khess136 said...

Thank you so much, Heather, for the wonderful downloads! I also appreciate the hints for a cookie exchange!
Happy New Year!

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