Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Cocktails - Monday Munchies

Ok - so maybe this doesn't scream "munchies" to you, but have you ever heard the saying, "I'm going to drink my lunch"?  Well, that's what I just might do with these pretty cocktails.  Actually, it will be my dinner since it is considered completely irresponsible to drink during the work day.  Darn. 

Are these not the most beautiful - and ghoolish - drinks you've ever seen?  Check out this Candy Corn Cordial from Food Network.  The candy corn is actually INFUSED in the vodka.  What?!?!

If rum is more your thing, then you might go for this Dark and Spooky.

And for chocolate lovers, like me, how about this beauty?  Dark Chocolate Martini, please.



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