Friday, November 5, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond - Friday Finds

In honor of the release of Toy Story 3 on DVD this week (what, you didn't buy it on release day?), I thought it would be appropriate to honor Buzz with a focus on our space pack for Friday Finds.  G and I are not all that into using licensed products in our kiddos' rooms/parties, etc.  But sometimes you just can't argue with a 3 year old.  So how to put a handmade touch on the party your little one insists has a Buzz Lightyear theme?  Go all out space, then set his toy Buzz somewhere in the decor.

There are a bunch of fun space themed products out there to complement our space party pack!  Here's a few I found fun.

1. The guest of honor would look rockin' (get it? rocket? rockin?  Yeah, sorry about that) in this hat/shirt combo on his or her big day.  This set from Rocking Horse Lane would also make a great gift for a little one with an obsession with the great beyond!

2. What party is complete without a pinata?  Check out this awesome rocket pinata by Pinata Queen!

3. Finally, every birthday boy or girl deserves their own superhero cape.  Color and theme coordinated with your party, of course! Discovery Denim has an amazing selection of capes, including this fantastic rocket one!
By the way, if there are any moms out there that haven't watched the latest Toy Story, bring the tissues.  I've now watched it twice and sobbed at the end both times.  If you have a son who is about to graduate from high school (ahem, like my sister) DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!!
Regardless, enjoy your weekend!  Blast off!


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