Monday, November 8, 2010

Who Says Breakfast Can't Be a Party? - Monday Munchies

We finally took the plunge in July of this year and bought three baby chickies.  One day old, fluffy and cute as all get out!  My, my how my girls have grown.  They are now full grown chickens and should start laying eggs any day now.  Every day we anxiously search the coop for our first gem.  I have accumulated egg-dominated recipes in anticipation of the coming treasures.  Of course, when family comes for the holidays they, too, will get to partake of the egg goodness.  These recipes will be great for the large group I'll be feeding when our home is bubbling over with holiday guests.  Each recipe is completely different so it won't seem like the same 'ol eggs every morning.  They would also be great for any brunch-type get-together/party...

Check out this family recipe that Erin from In Between Laundry posted today.  This looks so comforting and delicious that it jumps right to the top of my list!

Hands down, my favorite egg dish of all time is the Florida Lobster Benedict from Blue Heaven in Key West.  My husband and I were married on this wonderful island and we go back every year (12 blissful years and counting).  A late morning brunch of this dish is always a highlight of the trip.  Although it might seem like a bit much for a group, you'd be surprised.  I've prepared them quickly for a group of eight - assembly line style - and everything arrived at the table hot and steamy. Here's a recipe

Growing up, we had chickens on our farm.  There was never a shortage of eggs and my mom would cook up the traditional family favorite of scrambled eggs every weekend.  Of course, she would fry up the bacon first then leave some of that grease in the cast iron pan to make the eggs taste even better.  We make this (heavy on the bacon grease) every single time we escape to our cabin in the mountains.   It cooks up quickly for a few or for a large group.

Good morning!!!


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