Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Appetizer Ideas - Monday Munchies

If you are attending 483 holiday parties and gatherings like I am then you will agree that this post is long overdue. Not only did I need a bevy of recipes at the ready, but I also needed ones that allowed for ingredients that offer a good fresh taste yet didn't keep me running to the grocery store every other day. It is all about balance in the end, right? Here are some things I'll be making/bringing to my holiday gatherings:
This Tangy Bean Dip from Country Living takes about 10 minutes to prepare - if that. I bet you may even have all the ingredients necessary right in your pantry and fridge. A bag of pita chips and you are set!

Popcorn is such a great and easy finger food yet it can be so gourmet, too! Try this Smoky Popcorn recipe - also from Country Living. (I really mean it when I say I will one day do an entire post on popcorn alone.)

I don't know that there is a better taste pairing in the world than blue cheese and walnuts...seriously. That is why I cannot wait to try Martha Stewart's Blue Cheese and Walnut spread. I might eat it all before I even get to the party.
You may have caught on that I tend not to bring warm appetizers to gatherings outside my own home. It just makes life easier when I can throw a dish on the table with no prep upon arrival. Call me low maintenance, but I simply do not have the time when running between events. I like recipes that can be made ahead of time. This Olive-Caper Spread - also from my girl Martha - definitely qualifies.
I could also go on for another five paragraphs about cute presentation of my appetizers, but I will leave it at the actual food for today. Cherish your holiday truly is a time to appreciate friends and loved ones!



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