Friday, January 21, 2011

Vintage Florals: Friday Finds

I love the vintage appeal of the "My Secret Garden" party pack.  It has such a timeless charm to it.  The photos don't do the colors justice.  There is a beautiful deep rose red, paired with a dustier rose, all set off by a cool gray-green and light taupe.  I'm not much of a pink fan (hazard of being a redhead!) but when it is set off by the deeper red and this gray-green, I can't resist.  Plus the vintage patterns are gorgeous!


Since this pack has so much vintage charm, I had a lot of fun finding complementary items on etsy.  In fact a little too much fun.  There may or may not be some hairpins shipping out to me (although not rose colored!)  

And on that note - don't forget this pack features a more adult appropriate alternate favor of beautiful handmade soaps in lieu of the themed crayons.  With that alternate, each favor consists of 2 bars of pure goat's milk soap handmade with rose petals and rose oil.  Since this pack is so versatile, I'm going to include a few extra finds this week - 1 for the little girls and 1 for the big girls and two that will work for either!

1. This vintage style bracelet from Nest Pretty Things Kids is absolutely GORGEOUS.  Seriously.  Both G and I are blessed with sons, but if I had a little girl I would have snatched this up on the spot.  Any birthday girl would be thrilled to wear this on her special day. 

2. I'm pretty sure if I'm throwing a party with our My Secret Garden Pack that as the host, I'm donning this absolutely beautiful vintage floral apron by Terrace Hill.  Actually, let's just say in general that for my next party I'll be picking up an apron from this shop.  I love them all!

3. This Delicate Rose stand from Trash Bag Treasures would look beautiful with some pretty cupcakes on it.  It's made of upcycled plates that have vintage designs. 

4. Fusion Sweets has some pretty creative treats, but these Rose-Infused Marshmallows look amazing!  Apparently the rosebud on top is edible and can be brewed separately for rose tea.  Absolutely ingenious - and beautiful to boot!



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