Monday, July 18, 2011

Sushi Party - Monday Munchies

Inspired by the FANTASTIC sushi restaurant my husband and I just discovered in our new home town, I got the amazing idea for a sushi-themed party.  Could there be a better choice for easy bite-sized party food for summer than the fresh taste of sushi?  I think not.  Then I quickly reminded myself that I don't know the first thing about making a sushi roll.  So here is how I'll pull it off without rolling a thing:

Okay - even I can whip out this Sushi on a Cracker with Tamari Ginger Dip  or Sushi Stuffed Avocado, both from Andrea Meyers.  What a great way to start the par-tay!

Love, love, love this Sushi Napolean from No Face Plate.  No rolling!!!  And you can change up the ingredients and offer any number of different sushi flavors.

Another option...this Sushi Salad from Dairy Free Betty is quick and easy.

Sushi Sandwiches???  Yes, Smushi.  Bring it.  Madrid Lab offers enough of a description to get me off and rolling (not really rolling, though).  Dare I try?

And for the kiddos?  At least, for those of us who have little ones who are not so progressive as to enjoy a little seaweed with their rice and veggies?  Take a gander at these Peanut Butter and Jelly Sushi Rolls from A Bicycle Built for Two.  Now that's just ridiculous fun!

For dessert?  How about a little sushi candy?  Will the everyone love imitation "Fushi" idea from Nothing But Country or what?!?!

Or how about this idea using rice krispy treats from Mommy Knows?  You can let the kids create and roll their own.  Sushi, that is...what on earth did you think I meant???  Shame on you!

Let me know how your Sushi Party turns out!  Or if you've ever had one please share your ideas.  Can't wait to hear about it...


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