Friday, September 23, 2011

Invitations for Dummies

Why do I title this blog entry "for Dummies"?  Because I am a dummy when it comes to paper crafting.  Unlike my dear friend Heather, I am not so wise (or talented) in the world of making beautiful things with paper.  So - when it came time for me to make the invitations for my beautiful sister's baby shower, I was stumped.  Then it hit me...I would use a simple idea from Heather as inspiration!  Last year, Heather gave me this card.

I loved it!  So simple, but so pretty.  This was my jumping off point for my sis' invitations.  I chose scrapbooking paper in two colors like this.  (I got four invites per paper set so plan accordingly.)

Then I used a stamp on a simple pre-made tag (from Office Depot) to attach to the front.  As a special custom touch, I used a colored pencil in the same shade as the paper to color in the flower on the stamp.  

Now I am sure many of you have seen the fabric button kits that you can pick up at any craft store.  I used the kit to make cute buttons to which I then glued a brad so I could attach it through the hole I punched through the tag and paper.  (If you get a button kit with the metal loops on the back, you'll need to snip those off with wire cutters before you glue the brad.)

After printing the shower details on the solid colored paper, I just cut out the rectangles and glued them on the back of the button/tag piece.  Easy-peazy-lemon-squeezey!!!  

How cute are these?  I am pretty happy with myself, given my limited skill set.  I hope my sister loves them!  As I get closer to the shower, I'll share more on the favors and decorations I plan to make.

Happy weekend!!!


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